Maldives, its contradictions

Well, I am not the most informed person in any gathering. Tend to live in a dreamworld. (If there are chances you may visit the Maldives some time, then do not let my opinions or visions of the place ruin it for you. You may refrain from reading further. I highly recommend you visit). You... Continue Reading →

The power of calm

I watched this movie called 'Soni' today on netflix. The camera follows the protagonist and her officer and shows in an eerie calm how the society pushes a police officer to the brim with nepotism. Throughout the movie, the police officer tries to calm her feisty subordinate, the protagonist, and asks her to remain within... Continue Reading →

Edit: I dream of sitting in my garden fresh and dreamy and to write this, while in reality, am heavily sleepy and writing technical. While I sit in my garden The neighbor auntie- walks in and out on to her balcony in to my view The auntie that makes conversations with me in a language... Continue Reading →

I am okay

I was browsing through a list of TED talks India one late afternoon when I wanted to do nothing. Incidentally a talk about how a lady home schooled her kids caught my eye, the topic which me and a friend have discussed before. How the said friend had acquainted with a couple on one of... Continue Reading →

Do I love my dogs too much or is that okay?

Growing up, my mother had dogs too. I dont see them in family photographs, those that were taken quite rarely anyway. She and her sister and my grand-ma speak about their dogs fondly, mention a few stories, but those are only mentions. Not stories or entire conversations around them. Unlike the conversations some of us... Continue Reading →

While in a trance

The wisps of hair that shine brown under rays of late afternoon sun The aimless conversations over coffee The autumn leaf that waivers mid air The dog that shakes off her bath The smiles that reveal the wrinkles The rainbow that glistens his eyes The tear drop at a reunion The feet that dance to... Continue Reading →

My favorites from my Kolkata diary

Though I was there for a wedding, I was looking forward to the medley of scents, sights and experiences the reputed city would offer, and below is a list of top things from my sojourn, not in any order. Talking to cabbies(uber) who speak very good english, complete with their recommendations on where to eat... Continue Reading →

Kolkata- the sweat, filth and stink?

? A wedding of a friend(K)'s friend was in two weeks. The couple was going to Kolkata for the wedding, they told us over an evening conversation while socializing our dogs. Me: Kolkata! Bengali wedding?!! Can I come? K: Sure, come off! The summery dreams of a city that seemed exotic with its street food,... Continue Reading →

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