the person who changed my life..

Have been thinking hard about how and where to begin about her, and about my special bond with her!

And of course you will find out who she is. 
She is lovvvveely, she is sweet, she is cute, naughty, caring, loving, expressive(very) and all the nicest of things you can tell about a person. But! be warned.. she is also moody, irritable, possessive, dominant, mean, rude, shallow, jealous, greedy and all those.. bad stuff! Makes me go wild with love for her!! hehheee .. dont I just love baddies! … And and… she is also my partner in crime 🙂 
Introducing……. MINTY!!!
Now, thinking over how I met her the first time… logically she is the dog and I am the human, but she got scared from me! But you cant blame me for scaring her. That was the first time I was in 5 feet distance of a dog within closed limits. So I screamed so hard that she went away and hid behind her mom!! lol! I must have been real bad.
But since that day life has been one eventful ride with her. 
I cant remember the series of happenings in the exact correct order. But each has made me fall more deeply for her.
She is the kind of person who is aggressively playing foot ball(mouth ball for her :P) and after a while of playing, in a bad hurry goes and sleeps off! How! what!!
She is the kind who pleads us not to go on a holiday and who miss us the most.
She is the one who showers us with love everyday after returning from office, however bad her day has been!
The one who worships us while we feed her some treats but also the one who snaps at us because she suspects we eat her treats!! Really!
Also, the kind of person who gets all confused if we go out of the house from the back door and enter through the front door!
And hey, you cannot push a two wheeler. There is no such thing. You just have to sit on a 2 wheeler and ride,  its soo confusing for the poor baby!
If I get a stuffed toy, she just has to have it. The wicked jealousy of her takes over. But, if I willingly give it, its no fun..
Nobody can claim her mommy.. Nobody can say “mom is mine” She becomes a devil then.
One day because I was sitting at my computer for too long, she came and asked me(peeping in) what is it that I do on this device. 
When guests arrive at home, she becomes miss Angel face and goes pilik pilik with her eyes…get the picture? and says “Hello! I am Minty! you are welcome to my house! pilik” Instant love! (dont get deceived you all… she is not that sweet really!)
Every morning while we are setting off to work, she goes and fetches her mommy so that both of them can say bye to us 🙂
Wondering how I can read so much of whats on a dog’s mind? Trust me you can.. dogs have the most expressive face and eyes. 
And over these years she has become my best friend! She talks to me sometimes making those cute little noises…  Love you baby!
And here’s some love for all of you too:
She is giving us these side glances, knows we are taking a picture of her but she is too shamed to pose for the camera because she is clothed!
Uh ho!! are u going to click pictures of me again!!
Have a nice day guys 🙂

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  1. wow!! what a post!! Before actually reading it, I thought this must be about Vivek but to my surprise, Minty takes a toll over everything!!very cool, casual and hilarious write up and an awesome description of Minty!!waiting for more… keep writing 🙂


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