A pet project!

I am really excited about an upcoming project that I have taken up.
No, its not a project at work.
Its my personal project.

Its called the ‘my home’ project. πŸ™‚
Yes, I am moving in to a new house. My own house :))))
I am really really excited!

The house will be ready for us to move in, in a couple of days.
The day is fast approaching but at the same time, its also taking ages for the day to come. Know the feeling?

But I have been planning for this for a long time.
Given the shopaholic that I am, I have already bought a couple of things for the new house and because of that my current house looks like a warehouse

There is a lot of stuff to do. I am yet to decide on the wall paint colors and that’s going to be a real big headache. I am so confused at whether I should paint it to look bright and full of colors or should I choose pastel shades to make it look sober. The thing is, my choice of paint colors depends on my moods. So haven’t been able to zero in on any yet.
And then I have to buy curtains, bed linen, sofa, fridge and other furniture all to suit the house.

I plan to have all-dark-wood furniture in my bed room and my living room will be colorful. yes, I plan to have themes for the different sections of my house.
I don’t intend on ignoring the kitchen altogether, though I dont cook much(at all :P). I will have all the things needed to prepare a meal and even a grand meal may be.I need to be prepared for when there are going to be guests, u see! U never know which of my guests will get into the mood to make me happy(food-wise :P).
And the guest room is going to be a nice one too. I have bought one futon which I plan to plant there.

The biggest part is a porch sort of thing in my new house which is really cute and for which I have grand plans. But that is a long term plan. I don’t think I ll be able to implement that in the near future, sigh!
But that apart, now I really need to concentrate on shopping .
And lots and lots of planning. Right from the kind of cutlery I need to buy to the brand of washing machine to the sofa-hunt to where to fix the mirror, and the book shelf and some ideas for my own closet as well! After all this, I can’t forget the bathroom, can I! I need to plan some storage spaces in the bathroom, the mirror, the vase and the color of buckets!(yes that too :P)

Are you thinking I am crazy? I am only thrilled!

And wow, what better opportunity than this to bug the life out of hubby. I can drag him out shopping almost every weekend for the innumerable things I will need for my house. From as small as spoons and plates to things like refrigerator and microwave and sofa and all that. The all new house with all new stuff! Hehee..
Needless to say, the credit card bills and EMIs are rising fast to catch up. But that’s not my headache, is it πŸ˜›

Oh what a tough project!
But what a fun project!

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  1. ha ha πŸ™‚ i know how it feels to shop for a new home!!! the excitement n the thrill, to make things as colorful n as nicer as possible!well do have a gud time setting ur new place πŸ™‚ enjoy this phase :)Gud luck!


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