Kusadasi, Ephesus and Pamukkale

Remember I told you we thought of visiting only 2 places in Turkey. The places that were covered in the previous post!
Yeah! we broke self made rules 😀

So next stop, Kusadasi. A beach town. A lovely one.
So far on this trip, we had seen a lot of history, been in a city, trekked a bit, wondered at nature in Cappadocia, balloon riding, made some friends and we were just half way through! The beach was just what we needed to make it complete!
The three days we were there, we walked on the shore of the beach taking in the cool breeze, and just sitting on benches, watching people and admiring the huge cruises parked there(I hear these cruises come from UK mostly and boy! they look luxurious). We also ate the yummiest waffles there and had late night coffees at the friendliest street cafe probably. Up till now I thought I want to live in Urgup, but may be it is Kusadasi. May be post retirement?!

We also went to Ephesus on a day trip from Kusadasi. The roman ruins here show the lifestyle and attention to detail. A walk through this ancient city made me realize that most of all we have in modern day are influences taken from the remains of the past. History is a great teacher. The evidences are all there, from tolets to libraries! The city is also very well preserved to this day, with excavations still underway.

This is the statue of a doctor. The head would be replaced everytime the king’s doctor would change!
The library



the second largest colosseum in Roman empire


Medusa, the snake head

Also the temple of Artemis is here. One of the seven wonders of ancient world(One of the seven disappointments of ancient world, may I say!). This was really funny. There was nothing. There stood a lone pillar in the distance and everything else was, well just not there, despite being rebuilt three times and finally being destroyed in 268 AD.

The next day we would visit Pamukkale, the cotton castle, the travertine pools formed by hot water springs.
When we did actually go there, I was shocked at how hot it was, I turned 2 shades darker in an hour! But that aside, it was a fabulous place. Sported my swimwear and jumped in without realizing the floor was slippery. The pools were about knee deep in its deepest pockets. It made me giggle all through the way. I was gliding from pool to pool, posing for pictures and giggling like crazy. I was happy. The pools were white with limestone deposits and I was dragging my feet along lest I fall. I was being called ‘old man’ for walkign like that.

After Pamukkale, we were back in Istanbul for 2 more days.. By now, the city had become home. Really. We were soo much at ease, we were helping other tourists get to places :)))). On this leg in Istanbul, we saw the grandest palace ever may be.. the Dolmabache palace. Sad that I could not take pictures of its interiors. But this one was built on an atificial landfill on the Bosphorus. The king defenitely knew how to show off his wealth. It also has the second biggest chandelier(first being in Dubai) in the world, the carpets are exquisite, the pillars intricate, the colors vivid, the art from different countries showing their ties with the king, and yes, there was a harem too!!  Ofcourse. Grandeur, pomp and show. Magnificent.

A view of a mosque from the palace

The last day in Istanbul we just sat on the benches in Sultanahmet square and did a lot of people watching. Normally the last day of a holiday is sad, but we were not this time. We knew we had a wholesome holiday.
But I know, I must go there once again if not for a post retirement home.
Miss you Turkey.

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