Aap kahan se ho?

This is a post written by hubby….:)
This is something that happened with him while I was waiting for him at small shop on Istiklal street in Istanbul.
I kept waiting for him a long time and was ready to scold him the moment I spotted him for having left me there and wandering away.. but he came back with a smile on his face and a cute story.. which made my day too 🙂
Read on…

On the first day of a 2 week vacation to Turkey, I was wandering the streets of Istanbul. In Istiklal street, the most famous shopping and eating avenues in Istanbul, I came upon this street musician, playing a spherical instrument. The drumming of his fingers produced a music that was very simple & basic, but transfixed me. It seemed to be having a similar effect on other people as well, as a crowd slowly gathered around. I watched him play for about 5 minutes till he took a break. The crowd applauded, some dropped money into his hat and walked on. I went over, dropped a note and sat down next to him to chat up. I asked him where he was from. Spain, he said. He then asked me, ‘Aap Kahan se ho’?(where are you from in Hindi) I stared back at him in shock and amazement. Seeing no answer forthcoming, he arched his eyebrows and asked me – ‘You are from India, yes?’. I nodded and asked how he knew Hindi. He replied that he was just back from a 4 year sojourn in India. Varanasi and Delhi mostly. It was his second time there and he couldn’t wait to go back, he said in English interspersed with as much Hindi he could recollect. We chatted some more, and as I was leaving he gave me his CD in exchange for the money I had dropped in. So that’s how I ended up having a conversation in Hindi, with a Spanish musician on the streets of Istanbul. And this is why I love to travel.

He says this is one of his best memories from Turkey..

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