Where do I pee!

That summer a couple of years ago we were making a trip to goa.
Just like the others, I too was beaming with exuberance at the thought of playing in the waters, lazing by the beach, a cocktail in hand and gorging on sea food.

The beaches were just a night journey away and with the road from Bangalore to Goa being pretty good, I would doze the night away on the bus.
A few hours into the journey, we had a pit stop mainly for people to stretch their legs and answer nature’s call.
We got down from the bus and looked around, there seemed to be no toilet even with the torches held out! Some guys went into the dark behind bushes and the girls just came back into the bus and asked the driver to stop somewhere else on the way.

There was this particular guy in the bus who wanted the AC running at a low temperature just because he had paid for a bus with AC. Bugger! That too he was wearing a lungi!! wonder how his legs dint feel the shiver!

Anyway we got moving and people were woken up again by the screeching halt of our bus. By now I really wanted to pee and had not slept for a while waiting for this stop. So was timely.
Now, there was indeed a toilet, and a tea stall nearby.

By now all the girls wanted to pee and got down at this chance. Each girl who went in came back with an ugly face and I knew not to expect a decent toilet. But the moment I went in, I was appalled.. first of all there was no light inside. There could be cockroaches and other rodents looming there. I was scared to step in, but desperate times! Went in with the torch. There was no latch on the door and needless to say it was an Indian style toilet. No thats not the problem.
The toilet was half broken and there was excrement from god knows when! It makes me pukish thinking about it. But again.. desperate times.. After finishing the chore I discovered no running water in the broken tap and no stored water in an old falling apart bucket. I would dare not touch that even. Well…I came out with a wrinkled face too.

The ghastly experience was definitely a mood dampener for the start of the trip. A saying goes something like.. its about the journey, not the destination…but I guess this is not the kind of journey they had in mind with the saying!
I just came back to the bus determined not to ever travel by bus again. Luckily we had a train booking on the journey back.
Its sad that in a country which could do big on tourism, basic amenities are not considered.

Had a lovely trip nonetheless but just had to pen this down.

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  1. Blame it on “The Lungi Man” 😀 he thinks Air Conditioning means Refrigeration. His comfort caused dis-comfort to other passengers. Extreme air conditioning is bad! Human body tends to preserve the precious body heat by excreting the excess fluids out of the body.


  2. Thanks for dropping by Lavanya. I agree about ur point on fertilizer, but what I am really trying to convey is a bigger issue of tourism and about travelling by bus. There is not always a tree around(a safe one atleast, there could be bushes in the dark though), sometimes there are small houses where they stop. I have seen it…I think there should be atleast well managed toilets on highways…no?


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