Food for the sole

One of the top 3 things I look for in my travels is food- across palettes and cuisines.
That said, food was quite expensive in Japan, even street food! You will see what I mean.

Most travels include walking a lot, right? Thats when u can explore a place and absorb the life there, watch people and just be… without being in a hurry to get somewhere. so doing this all by myself with a heavy backpack, I used to get very hungry. But being by myself, it was also important to pick the right place to sit down for a meal. Wandering the streets looking into restaurant menus, figuring out from Japanese menus and discussing with the waiter, by the time meal arrived, I could hear my stomach growl 😛

These are some of what I had

Restaurants in less touristy areas had menus written in Japanese, some just had food to buy from vending machines and the staff knew no english at all… at those times all I did was to point to what I want and got served, simple! I am generally more careful about what meat I might be eating, but not this time 🙂
In places like Asakusa which is flocked by tourists, compared to other parts in Tokyo, they knew some english.. so I made shopkeepers explain the snack that I was having.. Also Asakusa had a lot of snacks to offer like rice crackers, buns, sweets, rice puddings, sticky balls, etc..

Each night on the way back to hotel, I dropped into a sweet shop named Toraya in Hatagaya to take various kind of sweet buns… heavenly buns, hot, mildly sweet and fluffy!

The most authentic meal I had however was at a restaurant near Mt. Fuji which had quite a bit of tofu in the mix along with noodle soup, fish and potatoes and the serving was quite large.
Felt like a queen.

Apart from being a solo trip, garden tours, city walks, temple trail, country of the sweetest people, the most authentic place that I have ever seen, it was my most adventurous food trail too!

Now reminding myself about all that food, I had to get myself some wasabi in me…

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