Dress, pose, giggle, scream, QUIET. Repeat!

Goa vacation in 2014 was A-mazing! Whats different you ask.. from any of your regular goa vacations? Are they all not filled with frolic/lazing?
Yes it was that. But multiple times the fun.. coz it was an all-girl vacation… woooooo!

Starting off with an adventure with one of us missing the bus and catching it by hitch hiking till the next town, to way-too-much-shopping(is there such a thing??), gussying up, posing for pictures, lazing by the beach, playing in water by splashing water all around, drinking soju in scorching sun, devouring food, sipping pina coladas, sharing gossips and discussing life plans(or the non existence of plans) while looking into the distant sunset behind the arched trees at the edge of the beach, collecting sea shells, sharing jewellery and dresses, tiny fights and making up.

I am the one taking the pic. I wish to do this again girls.. if u r listening
Of course after this we took a hundred pics in all kinds of lighting but thats just for us to relish and cherish

On an evening back from a long walk, we noticed hindi music blaring from a distance from a brightly lit moving object. As we got closer, we noticed people dancing on the street. It was music comign from a moving vehicle and it was getting closer to the beach.  We joined in, shared some beers and danced heavily without a care in the world. To this day, it feels surreal. May be it was a dream all of us shared? It was just too much fun. At one point we noticed that all of Palolem was looking at the four of us dancing!
Oh yeah.. but this happens every year apparently, after dussehra festival.. it was goddess Saraswati’s Visarjan! And we got drunk and danced with extreme thumkas and sing alongs on the streets of Goa amidst a huge crowd! It was an epic night!!
But the fun night that it was, was only possible because we were a bunch of girls.. either the guys would not have encouraged that or we would get conscious.

No pressure to behave at all when u know u r with friends

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