Discovering this word was a happenstance while looking to get myself tattooed a second time.
Wanderlust was the first obvious tattoo choice for me as it could be for many travel lovers. But always research. Right?
So I went on a thesaurus and realized I am not entirely a wanderlust at heart.
To be a wanderlust also means to travel without any fixed route or plan. That I can do sometimes, but not entirely. What I am more comfortable with, is to have a base route or knowing where I am headed even when I wander. Having a sense of being secure is very important for me. Also, I do not trek long distances and like a little bit of comfort when I travel. Mainly because traveling is not my job, it is leisure.
So what I have is a case of Fernweh. Ooh fancy word!
Fernweh, I learnt is the German word to describe the opposite of Homesickness; that it is Farsickness

That is so true of me! When I am at home, I constantly long to be somewhere far, far away! Thank god, I found something that describes me. I am yet to find words that describe my personality, now!
I am not an introvert, nor am I an extrovert, what am I? Uhhhh…gotto find out.

Also, the immediate assumption made about people who like to travel is that, they must like talking to the locals, dine with them, must really enjoy mixing with other people.
I do like people, but there must be kinds like me who are socially awkward, would like for other people to come and talk to you and needing a lot of space. Making conversations does not come naturally to some.
Also fernweh could mean the need to get away from people in your circles once you have seen them for a while.
So got to work on that tattoo font now!

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