What I wore in Europe/how to pack for mixed weather

I think of my style as being understated. I am never comfortable with being the centre of attention and the same reflects in my style. Mostly comfortable dressing with attention to looking presentable is what one would find me in, even on the days that need me to gussy up! But I like to dress up in my own way nonetheless 🙂

When Europe was planned and I started packing, we were not sure if the temperature in numbers meant it would be hot or cold! So, I packed whatever I wanted to wear including dresses and just carried a few pairs of stockings in different colors and prints. This came in really handy and is a great space saver in the luggage. For extra cold days, I just used the jacket I took for the flight and a shawl that doubled up as a blanket on trains. Another trick I always use on my holidays is to carry tops that can be used as jackets.

A glimpse into my holiday dressing journal and ways to fit your clothes into an easy-on-the-back luggage.

In a park near Castle Sant Angelo, Rome
Burano, Venice


Same stockings, different dress. And the denim jacket that I used as a top with a full sleeve tee for the evening.

On a chilly morning in Rome
MuseumsQuartier, Vienna
Piazza Navona, Rome
A cold rainy evening in Accademia, Venice
iphone pics 704
Same pant, yet again! Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Venice
Same top as earlier. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
iphone pics 882
The loveliest hat ever! That I left on the train from Venice to Vienna. I hope this is now adorned by a well deserving lady. This picture was taken at Lido beach, Venice
iphone pics 659
Palazzo Ducale, Venice. The same jacket as in the third picture 🙂
Hofburg Palace, Vienna
Donning V’s hat as I lost mine. Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna
St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague
iphone pics 1105
Near Lennon wall on a late night stroll in Prague. I was a little scared to take this picture with someone’s van parked on the road. To read why I was scared, see my post on why Prague felt eerie

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