Do I love my dogs too much or is that okay?

Growing up, my mother had dogs too. I dont see them in family photographs, those that were taken quite rarely anyway. She and her sister and my grand-ma speak about their dogs fondly, mention a few stories, but those are only mentions. Not stories or entire conversations around them.
Unlike the conversations some of us have about our dogs/pets. I remember a time I spoke an hour to a girl at a wedding, the entire hour or so, about her dog and mine. That is all. About how cute, funny, needy, naughty, etc our respective dogs are. Does that make me obsessed with my dogs?

I wonder what sets the two generations apart? The dogs were fine then as they are now. They loved their humans as much as the dogs these days do. I suppose. We buy expensive dog beds, toys, cuddle them in our own beds to sleep, buy them sweaters, booties, attribute human emotions to them, cook them gourmet meals, indulge them in outings, pet spa, buy expensive grooming tools, all that jazz. Not to mention having entire social media accounts for them that have gazillions of followers. First thing in the morning we(I :P) go on reddit and look at funny accounts of pets. We (again just me?) not even locking them out for 5 minutes that I have to run by the grocery. Their illness makes us cry, their joy brings us smiles.

Yesterday, I should have been happy that my son was finally sleeping sound, but I look over at my dog who I had to subject to the cold floor and wonder if shes alright, so I go over, get her bed from the other room and kiss and cuddle her for a while, only ending up waking my son. But thats okay as I see my dog snoring away and that soothes my heart.
Well priorities I guess? Dogs have a higher priority in my life over people.

Anyone else mad like this?

Oh wait, I even have a tattoo by one of their names.

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