I am okay

I was browsing through a list of TED talks India one late afternoon when I wanted to do nothing. Incidentally a talk about how a lady home schooled her kids caught my eye, the topic which me and a friend have discussed before. How the said friend had acquainted with a couple on one of her travels, the couple was home schooling their kids. In the talk, the lady mentioned that we associate happiness with success, that success gained, on whose journey to get to, wasn’t a happy one.

That got me thinking about how I myself often think that I haven’t achieved anything in life, that I am not a roaring star of the team at work, nor am I the do-it-all, super efficient mother. All I want is a good night’s sleep, to see my son stay happy through the day, keep my house clean, keep my garden green and to sit in that garden with a cup of tea, with my dog pottering around and with a book in hand. Most days, this is all I want. That doesn’t mean I do not have a fire in my belly, enjoy having small accomplishments, may be a discussion that I won, that new recipe that turned out wonderful, influence people to do the right thing, a small job that was well received.

Ofcourse, every now and then, I want a change of scene too in the form of travel, to dress up, meet people, but always returning to the familiarity of my home. In this lies my happiness.

I am small in the world of game changers, the thinkers, the doers and the super women. The world needs them. But the world I suppose should be okay with us too. For, I am okay with myself.

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