Edit: I dream of sitting in my garden fresh and dreamy and to write this, while in reality, am heavily sleepy and writing technical.

While I sit in my garden

The neighbor auntie- walks in and out on to her balcony in to my view

The auntie that makes conversations with me in a language I don’t know

The cows graze, scavenging from garbage

The breeze sways the lone tree on my street

My dog potters around me

The neighbors chat

An old couple sit in their front yard sipping tea

The kids scream with delight over a game

The birds fly low from whom I shelter under my parapet

The lines of clothes hang everywhere

Cars screech and whiz

There is smell of cookies and warmth

Few houses are turning on lights before the rest

Mothers are calling their kids in

The workforce returns carrying bags of groceries

Kitchens have been opened with a whir here and a whistle there

And I look on, feeling content

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