The power of calm

I watched this movie called ‘Soni’ today on netflix. The camera follows the protagonist and her officer and shows in an eerie calm how the society pushes a police officer to the brim with nepotism.
Throughout the movie, the police officer tries to calm her feisty subordinate, the protagonist, and asks her to remain within the bounds of law herself even when she’s sees others blatantly and apologetically do wrong. She is counseled and monitored not to become violent in the face of provoking negativity.
The camera follows incidents surrounding many outlaws who manage to get away by way of nepotism and also shows how one in police force has to deal with everyday petty cases and the need to stay calm and think though to solutions.
In the very last scene, the subordinate quits the crime force and chooses to join the crime reporting cell as the rage wasn’t doing good to her anymore and the officer uses her position to try to quash crime with more vigor but still with the sublime punching power of calm.

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