Aap kahan se ho?

This is a post written by hubby....:)This is something that happened with him while I was waiting for him at small shop on Istiklal street in Istanbul.I kept waiting for him a long time and was ready to scold him the moment I spotted him for having left me there and wandering away.. but he... Continue Reading →

Saving a lake

I am not a bird watcherBut I couldn't resist the temptation of capturing these beauties... just to celebrate the arrival of the new camera!These birdies were seen at the lake..  due to some drizzle there were very few birds there today..Shall do better next time with the numbers.. but in the spirit of new camera,... Continue Reading →

A pet project!

I am really excited about an upcoming project that I have taken up.No, its not a project at work. Its my personal project. Its called the 'my home' project. :)Yes, I am moving in to a new house. My own house :))))I am really really excited!The house will be ready for us to move in,... Continue Reading →

an evening among artists

I am the kind of person who cannot stay at home one single day, all day. Boredom kills me by the end of the day.Luckily I have a job that keeps me occupied on weekdays. And on weekends, I have to(HAVE TO) go out atleast once. Before I deviate from the topic of the post... Continue Reading →

the person who changed my life..

Have been thinking hard about how and where to begin about her, and about my special bond with her!And of course you will find out who she is. She is lovvvveely, she is sweet, she is cute, naughty, caring, loving, expressive(very) and all the nicest of things you can tell about a person. But! be warned..... Continue Reading →

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