Intimidated by Prague

The above sculpture located at the foot of Petrin hill in Ujezd, is a memorial to victims of communism. I had created this image of Prague in my head, one that was straight out of a spoiled princess story book or movie. In that, the weather would be perfect, the lawns would be manicured, an... Continue Reading →

The art scene in Vienna

First look of the city of Vienna had me thinking, "this is so boring". Having come from venice which was touristy, dreamy amd romantic of the hat-wearing and hand-holding kind; the methodical arrangement of the buildings, the order, the cleanliness, the quiet roads, the shutting-down-of-shops even-in-train stations at 7 pm, the not-so-fashionable people, all made... Continue Reading →

Sakleshpur, May 2014

While going over my evernote, I found this piece I wrote last June. ┬áSo read away! "I have been meaning to write this piece for 2 weeks now. The last two weeks were very emotional, frustrating and tiring. My pet from here, lost her eyesight becoming completely blind, virtually overnight with a rare condition. I... Continue Reading →


Discovering this word was a happenstance while looking to get myself tattooed a second time.Wanderlust was the first obvious tattoo choice for me as it could be for many travel lovers. But always research. Right?So I went on a thesaurus and realized I am not entirely a wanderlust at heart.To be a wanderlust also means... Continue Reading →

Due(part two, in Venice)

Way back in July I started writing about my 17 days in Europe with my Roman holiday! One city at a time I thought as I could spread it out to a number of posts to keep me motivated and also fill out some internet space with some more non-creative-untalented-wanna-be-a-blogger-nonsense that no one wants to... Continue Reading →

The four city dream part Rome

The four city dream as we can still refer to it after over a month of it being over, still haunts many of my nights. The gut wrenching feeling of still wanting to be there (somewhere) makes me blush at times and at other times makes me sad that this holiday is over!First of my... Continue Reading →

musical inspiration for the wanderlust

This is my mostest favoritest songest(hhehe) ever! like EVAH!I keep looping back to this song every now and then, but only today happened to notice them feature Shibuya station in Japan and I screamed with joy...Watching this song is not good for me... I get too pumped and then the rest of my day is... Continue Reading →

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